FootprintID helps individuals create a central repository for their (and their families) health and medical information. Timely access is critical in an emergency, when visiting multiple health care providers and when participating in the care of another individual.  FootprintID can help close the gaps in health information by providing always access to information such as medications, allergies, conditions as well as unlimited document storage for test results, health care proxies, advanced directives or any other important information.  With a web portal, smartphone app and 24-hour call center your information is immediately available.  Self-advocacy and being empowered with information can create better health outcomes and reduce the associated costs.

Care Answered (

Care Answered provides healthcare coordination and patient advocacy to expertly navigate the healthcare system for clients and help remove the strenuous obstacles common place in the healthcare process including:

-Patient Advocacy for Care in the Home (i.e. advocate at doctor’s appointments, Medicare/Medicaid rights, in home services)

-Advocacy and coordination for best placement (i.e. short-term rehabilitation, nursing home)

-Hospital and skilled nursing bedside advocacy including advocating for safe and supportive discharge

-Meditate family discussion on healthcare options

-Periodic check-ins to ensure care is meeting expectations

Spearheaded by CEO and best-selling author Nicole Christensen, a Board Certified Patient Advocate, Care Answered advocates for one’s best care and gives caregivers peace of mind.

Our Happy Clients

- B. Roberts

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