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Why Patients Choose Systemedic

Systematic’s team of medical billing experts has clocked more than 45 years in the field. We decipher all types of medical bills: from disputing and appealing medical claims with insurers to negotiating cost reductions with medical providers and facilities across the country, our skillful experts are persistent at stripping away the uncertainties of the medical billing system. By focusing on coding details and other billing practices, we work to uncover billing errors and overcharges that reduce costs for our customers.

Our goal…to save you time, money, and lots of stress.

Our Happy Clients

- B. Roberts

“ Sue and everyone at Systemedic was amazing. They found the errors in my bills, contacted the hospital, and because they spoke their language the bill were lowered. Saved me thousands. Thanks again guys! Would highly recommend

April 12, 2018

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Our Client was Billed $18,000

As we fought the bill our story was mentioned in VOX and Kaiser Health News.

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