Regardless of their age, your employees are feeling the stinging effects of the evolutionary change in our healthcare system. According to a 2013 study from Research Now, more than half of all U.S. workers would prefer not to have more control over their healthcare expenses because they do not have the time or knowledge to effectively manage them.

The bottom line…financially-stressed employees can devote significant portions of their work day to trying to fix their medical bill disputes…activities that could result in unintended and adverse productivity consequences for your business.

Given the complexities of health insurance benefits and the confidentiality inherent in health services, HR departments can be challenged to respond to medical claim disputes. Often these issues extend beyond the claim itself and focus on the intricacies of coding requirements and billing procedures or the need to negotiate payments with doctors and facilities.

Additionally, if your company provides an HRA for employee medical expenses, you could be overpaying for those expenses. Your HRA administrator does not handle and is not equipped to evaluate improperly coded/billed services, improperly processed claims by the insurer, or health expenses that should never have been billed at all.

  • to ensure you don’t overpay for your employees reimbursable medical expenses
  • to help your employees navigate the intricacies and obstacles of the healthcare maze?
  • to help them make smart healthcare choices that will result in lower healthcare expenditures?
  • to arm your employees with the tools and support they will need to resolve health insurance claims problems that most likely will occur as they utilize their health benefits?
  • to ensure that your employees, your greatest corporate asset, feel secure that their health and that of their families will not destroy their financial stability?

How can you minimize the inestimable costs that ill health can cost your company?

Partner with Systemedic as your Medical Claims Concierge and Get MED-ucated.

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Let’s face it:

With employees being responsible for more of the costs of their healthcare, more work days will be consumed by employees managing these issues. Contact Systemedic and Get MED-ucated now.