Custom-build your health insurance assistance program to meet your specific needs and budget. Choose from these advocacy services for out-patient care:

Consultant Services: No question is too big or small. We are available to answer any question about the fiscal side of your health claims.

EOB/Bill Review: We review explanations of benefits and medical bills to ensure that medical services have been billed correctly, that claims have been processed completely, and that your employees haven’t been billed for services in error.

Insurance Advocacy: When services are billed incorrectly and/or processed incorrectly, we will work with the relevant parties to resolve the discrepancies.

Bill Negotiation: When employees are required to make payments for medical services, we will work to negotiate their fees or develop reasonable payment plans.

Prescription Costs: To help employees reduce their out-of-pocket medical expenses, we help locate lower-cost alternatives for medication fulfillment.

Single or Family Coverage: You choose to offer our WatchDog Services as follows:

  • to the employee only
  • to the employee and spouse/spousal equivalent
  • to the employee, spouse, and children

What can you do?

Reduce your employees’ vulnerability to decreased productivity resulting from fighting medical bills on company time.

Let someone who understands the jargon and how to navigate the system handle these time-consuming and stress-inducing issues. Call Systemedic to customize a plan that addresses your specific needs.