Our principal, holding an MBA in Health Care Administration, earned real-world
exposure to medical claims submission and processing while serving as Medical Practice Administrator for numerous high-volume primary care practices in the NY area. This
expertise became the company’s foundation.

Over the last 25 years, the Systemedic team has focused their attention on the
peculiarities and idiosyncrasies inherent in medical claims billing and processing for
primary care and non-surgical specialist practices.

We know how to read your policies to pinpoint exactly what medical services you
are entitled to under that plan, and in turn, what becomes your responsibility to pay.

We know how to read Explanations of Benefits…the paperwork you receive from your insurance company each time you visit a doctor, go to a hospital, or have any medical testing…to determine if the services you received were actually the services billed to your insurance carrier.

We know what information doctors’ offices need in order to provide the appropriate treatment and to
expedite payment for those services.

Our Happy Clients

- B. Roberts

“ Sue and everyone at Systemedic was amazing. They found the errors in my bills, contacted the hospital, and because they spoke their language the bill were lowered. Saved me thousands. Thanks again guys! Would highly recommend

As many as 80% of medical bills
can contain errors….will yours???

Don’t pay the price for not knowing what
to question or …how to negotiate savings

Stop making costly assumptions that
could …ruin your credit

Get Systemedic on your side so you don’t
pay a penny more …than you should