Medical bill advocates can offer solo practitioners and law firms of all sizes tremendous resources and benefits. They can save lawyers time and ensure expertise and accuracy in analyzing, disputing, and negotiating their clients’ medical bills. A medical bill advocate can also audit medical bills, give expert testimony at trial, handle insurance claims appeals, offer consultations, and provide other tailored services to help enhance your representation of a client.

As with any specialty, medical bill advocacy is a highly focused field, requiring technical coding and billing knowledge that takes a considerable amount of time to learn. By working with a medical bill advocate, a lawyer can free up time that would otherwise be spent on the learning curve to ensure that excessive medical bills are reduced to the correct amount and help avoid any traps along the way that could impede the desired outcome.

What Does a Medical Bill Advocate Do?

The insurance system was designed to be complex, opaque, and contradictory. This means that getting reductions for excessive, unfair, or incorrect medical bills generally requires in depth knowledge and specific acumen. For someone unfamiliar with the nuances involved with medical bill negotiation, countless hours might be wasted on the phone, just to get nowhere.

However, medical bill advocates are trained to decipher medical bills quickly and know how to cut through the red tape created by the insurance companies to get the information you need for your client’s case more efficiently.

Medical billing dispute advocates can:

  • Audit medical and hospital bills
  • Identify coding errors and upcoded charges
  • Analyze coding and billing in accordance with how the policy translates
  • Uncover inconsistencies in billing
  • Determine whether the provider billed correctly
  • Dispute bills and negotiate reductions

While a lawyer may look at the legal aspects of what the insurance company is supposed to be doing to determine whether there was a breach of contract or another actionable claim, a medical bill advocate can provide the back-end coding and billing analysis to support their legal argument.

Add Value & Expertise to Your Client’s Case

Medical billing disputes can arise in various cases — while attorneys who handle healthcare-related matters might regularly work with advocates who can make sure their clients are getting the maximum benefit afforded by their insurance policies, billing disputes can arise in many different practice areas. In some cases, getting physician, laboratory, hospital, and emergency room bills reduced can mean saving your client tens of thousands of dollars.

Attorneys who practice in Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, disability, estate planning, and even those who handle matrimonial matters may represent clients who could benefit from a medical bill review or audit to add value to their cases, reduce expenditures, or maximize settlements.

Skilled & Experienced Negotiation for the Most Complex Billing Disputes

Although lawyers are trained and skilled negotiators, medical bill negotiation is unlike any other kind of negotiation. It’s necessary to know how to speak the provider/insurance company’s language and have a comprehensive understanding of billing terms, coding, and how to understand insurance policies. A medical bill advocate can provide guidance and support services concerning how particular bills could be reduced, corrected, negotiated or disputed to reach a resolution quickly and effectively.

Contact a Medical Bill Advocate to Learn More

Systemedic, Inc. has thirty years of experience in detecting medical billing errors, inconsistencies, and unethical billing practices. Offering medical bill reviews, audits, expert testimony, and other support services to attorneys and law firms, we can help you optimize your time — and save your clients money.

Experienced in handling even the most complex billing disputes, our medical bill dispute advocates are skilled in navigating the insurance maze and will not take “no” for an answer. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our support services for law firms.