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For individuals and businesses that require more than one-time assistance, we offer on-going support and management of out-patient medical expenses.

As your Medical Bill Concierge, our focus is on EDUCATION, AUDITING, AND ADVOCACY, to help reduce your exposure to outrageous out-patient medical expenses: unexpected doctor and lab bills, rising prescription drug prices, and unintelligible ER bills. We empower you to maximize your healthcare benefits and minimize unintended and unexpected medical expenses.

Our Happy Clients

Great customer service! Sue handled my case with utmost care, advocating for the best possible outcome while updating me regularly. Highly recommend her expertise! Her rates are reasonable too. Thank you, Sue!
Mouna Smires
Mouna S.
17:52 07 May 20
If you or a loved one are sick and you are also trying to figure out the horrendous maze of medical bills, you can lose your mind AND overpay. Why go it alone? Hire Systemedic. I did and they saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation. Well worth it. Do it.
Eileen Hall
Eileen H.
19:59 16 Apr 20
I worked with Robert at Systemedic on a potential billing issue I had related to the birth of my son. I was extremely happy and impressed with Robert's professionalism, patience, thoroughness and understanding of billing. I highly recommend working with Systemedic if you feel like you are being taken advantage of on your medical bills.
Eric Weinberg
Eric W.
22:58 12 Mar 20
After having struggled for almost 15 months to sort out an astronomical hospital bill, I was referred to Mr Robert Berman. What an absolute pleasure dealing with the company. He is so professional and ultra efficient. He managed to solve my problem in under two months and taking into consideration that the Christmas holidays fell within this time frame. I have no doubts that he is the best patient advocate for you.
Tessa Capovilla
Tessa C.
06:59 03 Mar 20
Robert was extremely generous with his time and expertise. I strongly recommend giving him a call
Josh Kroll
Josh K.
21:59 12 Feb 20
To Sue and staff the work that had to be done on my case was difficult and challenging to say the least. But you and your team arose to the occasion with the highest level of professionalism and results. No doubt in my mind you should be held with the highest regard, my 670,00 surgery ended all bills paid thanks to you and your team. Thank you so much Frank Esposito
frank esposito
frank E.
00:07 07 Feb 20
Sue at Systemedic is terrific! She quickly resolved my medical insurance issue after I had spent a year trying to do the same without success. She is honest, professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable. Her fee is extremely reasonable and fair. Sue saved me much time, aggravation, and frustration and afforded me peace of mind by resolving a billing issue. Please do not hesitate to contact Systemedic to help you navigate through the complexities of insurance and billing.
Clare Burke
Clare B.
19:02 16 Jan 20
Robert and Sue are great people. Awesome work. They really fight and advocate for their clients. Very knowledgeable, professional, and persistent in solving the issue at hand. They are go getters. They don't give up on a case. It was awesome having them represent my case. Very very satisfied and extremely grateful.
Gilberto Hidalgo
Gilberto H.
20:19 14 Jan 20
Sue Null and Systemedic helped my family navigate an impossible health insurance quagmire, and allowed my family to collect payments the insurer did their best to avoid. As a layperson it was impossible for me to interpret the "Explanation of Benefits" and denials we kept getting from the insurer. But Sue was able to speak directly to the right people at the insurance company who eventually were forced to approve the maximum policy benefit. We could not have done it without her.
16:10 30 Nov 19
Sue assisted our NC law firm settling a large insurance claim for an elderly client in record time. We had gotten no where with the insurance provider on our own but Sue had the matter settled with full payment to our client within a couple weeks time. We found her highly professional and her rates more than fair to our client. Highly recommended!
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth H.
20:10 05 Nov 19
Robert was a pleasure to work with, and reviewed and resolved my case for a very reasonable fee. He saved my family many thousands of dollars even when I had exhausted over a year trying to resolve the issue on my own. I wish I would have hired him sooner. Highly recommend to anyone who is navigating the difficult process of settling a loved ones final medical bills.
Jess Davis
Jess D.
16:36 16 Oct 19
Systemedic is by far the best medical advocacy group I know. The amount of insight and professionalism they brought when helping me with my case was both invaluable and heartwarming. Not only are the people at Systemedic knowledgeable in their field but they are there for the people they represent every step of the way. The hardworking individuals at Systemedic are more than just advocates, they're heroes.
Eric Bi
Eric B.
23:40 23 Aug 19
Working with Robert was a pleasure. He is fully dedicated and takes full ownership of the issues. He is very accessible and very easy to work with. I have no hesitation in working with him again in the future (if circumstances demand).
Gamini Wickramasekara
Gamini W.
14:39 16 Aug 19
Robert Berman was very helpful and knowledgeable about my health care billing issue. I couldn't ask for better help.
Steven Milne
Steven M.
17:52 27 Jul 19
Hands down best customer service experience I’ve had in a long time! I had the privilege of speaking with Sue. She let me finish a question without trying to answer it before I had finished asking. She listened to my concerns and genuinely cared and I never felt rushed or like a bother to her. That kind of customer service is extremely hard to find now. Definitely recommend!! Thanks again Sue!
Tiffany Holcomb
Tiffany H.
01:24 07 Jul 19
I just got off the phone with Sue, who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Her advice was right on the mark and has saved me countless hours of pulling my hair out and making many other calls to try to get my medical billing issue resolved. It was only a free consultation call, but the education she gave me about insurance and medical billing practices was definitely worth paying for. I've never received so much helpful information from a free consultation as I did here. I trust them and will spread the word about what a great service this is.
Sandra Shields
Sandra S.
18:29 02 Jul 19
I can recommend Sue wholeheartedly! Her expertise helped me resolve a situation that I found baffling. God forbid I get in another insurance mess, but if so I will call her without hesitation.
Christopher Harrison
Christopher H.
18:28 11 Jun 19
This review is long overdue. I cannot say enough to accurately reflect the exceptional service provided to my family by Rob of Systemedic, but I will do my very best. Rob is a highly intelligent, forthright, knowledgeable, caring, and personable individual who gets the job done. Rob assisted my family in sorting out a highly complicated series of medical bills - involving multiple insurers and billers (both hospital and professional services) - accumulated over an extended period of time. He went to bat for us to ensure that all of the bills aligned, were accurate, did not double-charge within and between bills, and that everyone took full responsibility of their fair share. The end result is that Rob saved us thousands of dollars. He is a kind and trustworthy advocate that I HIGHLY recommend. Beyond the money that he saved us, it was the emotional distress that he alleviated simply by being the consummate professional that he is - no value can be placed upon that. I personally learned so much simply by watching him work, and now apply this knowledge to my own healthcare interactions, and advise my friends and family as well. Because my services and billing were California-based, Rob did the necessary legwork and research to ensure that his understanding of California policies and practices remained relevant. In sum, whether you need help in New York, or in another state, if Rob agrees to take you on as a client, you will be satisfied with the outcome. A big thanks to you and your team, Rob!!!
ije nwang
ije N.
16:11 11 Jun 19
Exceptional group of professionals that truly had my best interest in mind. I am so grateful.
Joe Miller
Joe M.
14:22 20 May 19
They have continued to support me as my situation progresses regarding an accident that happened nearly a year ago. The results they have achieved have been superb. I would recommend this company to anyone who desires to lower medical bills and get expert advice when dealing with medical billing agencies. Thank you, Rob!
David Odum
David O.
20:11 22 Mar 19
Working with Robert and team has been a pleasure! They were always quick to respond with any questions and are experts in their field. They went above and beyond to solve our problem and the results were amazing. I couldn't have done it without their help. I would recommend them to anyone that needs helps with unfair billing practices. Thanks again!
Chris M
Chris M
20:34 26 Feb 19
I cannot say enough good about this company and the services they provide! They are just amazing professionals: passionate, incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and super hard-working: patient advocates who will fight for you every step of the way. They helped me get a claim for a visit to the ER that was denied by my health insurance company reversed. It took a year, and they were with me every step of the way. Their rates are reasonable and the service they provide is outstanding. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Ackerman
Elizabeth A.
22:10 15 Feb 19
Systemedic, Inc. was my initial selection after Googling "medical billing advocate;" and it turned out they were just who I needed. After a BCBS error, I paid a provider that BCBS also decided, later, to pay; thus I was owed a refund. Blood from a turnip? It took considerable time and effort for my advocate to locate the proper contacts within the provider organization who would not only acknowledge my case, but would also make the effort to initiate a refund. Acting on my behalf, Systemedic was able to reach and persuade the amenable individual to resolve my claim. It was worth the wait and the cost was fair and reasonable. I highly recommend them as knowledgeable and professionally-persistent advocates for resolving your billing conflicts. And it saved me considerable time and headache to be able to hand off this issue to a competent group dedicated to patient justice.
GS Allen
20:33 09 Jan 19
Extremely professional and knowledgeable. They will fight for you and explore every option to help you with your claim. I was very happy with my outcome (saved $6,000!) which was a complete win. And their rates are very reasonable. Systemedic will be my go-to for all future medical billings issues.
Franco P
Franco P
02:28 19 Dec 18
We've never met each other and just talked on the phone. But I can feel he did his best for my family. I had a big problem when I visited in USA. Yes, I'm not American. But the hospital paid so much huge amount of money for my son. There was no formula, no medical treatment, any special suggestions for him. You can't imagine how I was panic when I received international mail from the hospital after ONE and a Half years past. Robert has a very meticulous nature and that factor helps my family get through the confused situation with focused mind. He saved my son's future and my careless behaviors in USA. He was the right person who solve the complex and twisted medical accident with hospital. He can handle with all your hospital-related cost. I can make sure He will be the solution for your problem.
Amy Jang
Amy J.
11:03 14 Dec 18
Sue Null at Systemedic helped me navigate an extremely frustrating claim dispute with my insurance company, which tried to deny a $12k claim for an emergency room visit. After many fruitless phone calls to the insurance company and attempts to gather documents for an appeal, it just took one call with Sue on the line for the insurance company to suddenly discover they processed my claim wrong. Turns out instead of $12k, I owe nothing. I owe those savings to Systemedic for sure! Highly recommended!
21:38 21 Nov 18
I was unsuccessful in talking with the hospital and insurance agency to reduce my bill. I contacted Systemedic for help and am so thankful for the work they do. Sue's persistence, knowledge and guidance was very helpful in alleviating the anxiety I felt regarding my medical bill. It's a tremendous relief to no longer have an onerous bill hanging over my head. I have much gratitude for Sue and I strongly recommend Systemedic's services for people who are hit with a unexpected medical bill.
Soo Koon Lee
Soo Koon L.
01:44 03 Nov 18
Very knowledgeable and informative help in a difficult situation
Violeta Aiken
Violeta A.
19:49 12 Oct 18
Rob at Sytemedic was so professional and helpful. I felt very fortunate to find his company online. After trying for over a year to get reimbursed for medical expenses, I knew I needed help. Rob was all that and more. Thanks Rob for services above and beyond!
Robert Mary
Robert M.
22:57 11 Sep 18
Systemedic provides an outstanding service! I had been trying for over two years to resolve a health insurance claim for tens of thousands of dollars, and had been repeatedly stonewalled even though our policy clearly covered the charges in question. I'd sought other professional help to no avail. Systemedic knows this business very well. They were able to assess my situation quickly, and offered to help. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently Sue Null was able to get results. For a relatively small fee, we recovered the entire amount we were owed. In addition, Sue was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. She is smart, quick, and collaborative. Thanks to Systemedic, our family has been able to close a difficult chapter of our lives with a pleasant experience--in more ways than one.
Chris Landriau
Chris L.
19:01 23 Aug 18
Best professional service I have ever received!!! Sue and Rob are very knowledgeable and caring. They carefully listened to my case and were willing to put in a lot of time and efforts in helping me out. While I was working with them, I realized that the frustration and depression I felt when I was fighting my medical bill alone were all gone. They gave me hope and showed me that there are still extremely kind people exist in this world. I greatly appreciate their dedication and strongly recommend this company.
Jenny Jin
Jenny J.
20:24 27 May 18
Words can't express my gratitude for what Systemedic Inc. has done for me. I had received an insurance company denial of service for a Spine MRI. The first thing I did was carpet bomb the internet for medical billing audit services. They called me back lickity split and guided me through the entire process like a good patient billing advocate is supposed to. The medical bill & claim resolution was taken care of by the insurance company. Than you Systemedic Inc. for enlightening me on the dispute medical bill process. If you ever need a bill negotiation service look no further. Thank you for the special attention Susan null.Cecil Glenn
DC Glenn
14:53 25 Apr 18
I spoke with Rob Berman and before i go on I will tell you there are few people in this world that really try to help you. Rob is one of those people. Rob's primary focus is to help the person and if it makes sense for you (and he will tell you HONESTLY ) if it makes sense to become one of his clients. Rob dug into my issue and did a detailed analysis provided excellent guidance on how to address the billing issues. I was certainly appreciative of his kindness and guidance. There are not many people in life that are this honest and helpful and took the time to explain the details. Thank you Rob for your great integrity. The world needs more people like you!
Andrew Curren
Andrew C.
18:21 12 Apr 18
While I ultimately did not use their services through fruition, I would highly recommend Systemedic for medical billing related issues. I found this service from a general google search and after doing some research, found this to be the only agency of it's kind with an online email form. I provided a brief description of what I was going through and within an hour someone responded back by email. I was able to speak with Sue for about 30 minutes in which time I provided more details to my problem and Sue listened very carefully and I could tell that she really wanted to help. She provided a lot of good information and ultimately told me that I was already in the position that they would have gotten me to. I was very pleased with the prompt service and the level of compassion that I was given. I wish I could have had better news, but I learned a lot and know what to do next time I am in a similar situation.If my situation we're different and if I actually had a valid case, I feel that Systemedic would have fought for me the entire way through. My naivety of medical billing processes has upset me a lot, but Systemedic helped me realize that I was in the best possible place for my bills already. I would highly recommend to friends and family, and will certainly use them again, prior to treatment this time.
Alex Warren
Alex W.
02:33 06 Apr 18
Excellent service company. Helped me resolve my medical billing issues and saved me time and money. Well worth the investment for a net savings. I worked with Sue N. and she was awesome - professional, persistent and effective. I would definitely use this firm again. I told my parents about them if that tells you anything.
Dara Baumann
Dara B.
19:45 22 Feb 18
The assistance we received from Systemedic was incredible. They are experts at their job, and I can't recommend them highly enough!
Christine Kapers
Christine K.
17:25 15 Feb 18
Had a great experience with Systemedic. I worked with multiple lawyers on different cases during the past four years but Systemedic showed me another level of support and responsiveness you may expect. I had a challenge on a medical bill with a very stubborn medical lab for a long time, which Robert B. could resolve it very fast and effective, resulted in more than 50% saving. He was precise, professional, knowledgable, and supportive. He educated me and helped me understand the process of medical bill disputes. I highly recommend Systemedic as your advocate if you are dealing with a dishonest medical provider. His professionalism and the way he treated was a pure pleasure.
Saber DM
Saber D.
16:45 02 Feb 18
Had a fantastic experience with Systemedic. They took control of the situation and were able to navigate between the hospital and insurance until we found a resolution. In the end, we got a 50% refund on our bill. This was even more impressive considering we had already paid the bill and they were able to get the hospital to agree to a refund after-the-fact. Would highly recommend them to anyone trying untangle confusing and unwarranted medical bills.
Brandon Dayton
Brandon D.
00:28 01 Feb 18
The people at Systemedic are really thoughtful, caring, and make you feel heard. Sue, our representative, helped us with a Hospital Bill. They straightened everything out and saved us thousands of dollars. Highly Recommend. They speak the same language as the bureaucracies of insurance companies and they act as an advocate. Can't compliment them enough.
Ben Friedman
Ben F.
20:08 13 Jul 17

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Don’t pay the price for not knowing what
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